Here it is! the official Portuguese Road Map. This is the original yearly document from the tourism bureau.  Its free!

Contains the main highways and train routs along with the most important cities. Have a pleasant journey!

Portugal_Free_Road Map _big its a printable version in pdf.


Visit Portugal!

April 12, 2010

The official video of the tourism bureau.

We’ve just added the Lisbon City Map to help out in your next journey.

To our friends in Canada…Greetings! Mannie has the most interesting Portuguese food blog and you tube channel that we’ve found over the web. She does a great job promoting Portuguese Culture. We are looking forward to send her our first gift! A promise from us: Wood Spoon + Ceramic Plates and we should get her some wine! Congrats Mannie!

her blog and her youtube channel here!

So many people had asked us about the legend of the Portuguese Lucky rooster…We have decided to upload a video on youtube with a simple story: The legend of the Portuguese Rooster